Other Ranges

Clarification and final adjustments are usually necessary to obtain a stable and high quality finished product.

For this, fining is an effective used method in brewing.
Brewline® has tested and approved a range of clarifying products adapted to your needs.

Colle de poisson (isinglass)

The effectiveness of isinglass is universally recognised. It gives a very fast clarification and improves the shine and filterability.

Dosage: 1 to 3g/hL during maturation

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Gel de silice

Silica gel is a colloidal silica suspension. It favors the hot breaks and improves the clarification. Silica gel must be added at the end of the boil or during maturation.
Silica gel can be also used as fining adjuvant to improve the action of isinglass or PVPP.

Dosage: 3 to 5cL/hL
In association with isinglass or PVPP: 2cL/hL

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PVPP is an insoluble compound which clarifies and increases the lifetime of beer whilst precipitating certain polyphenols.
PVPP must be added during boiling or maturation, before filtration.

Dosage: 5 to 50g/hL
Legal maximum dosage: 50g/hL

Technical Data Sheet

Pour toute information complémentaire, se référer à la fiche technique ou à l’emballage.