Produces beers with a great aromatic finesse with fruity notes and a good length on the palate.
Pop Ale is appreciated for Pales Ales and for all types of top-fermented, aromatic and great quality beers

  • Floculation : High
  • Sedimentation limit: High
  • Attenuation limit: 78-82 %
  • Alcohol tolerance (%vol): 8,5
  • Fermentation kinetics: fast (4 days*)
  • Diacetyl production: low

*Test conditions: must 12°P, inoculated at 80g/hL and fermented at 20°C.

Dosage :
Fermentation:50 to 100g/hL
Refermentation in bottle or in kegs: 3 to 5g/hL

Preparation and storage : 
Please refer to technical data sheet or packaging.

Available in package of 100g and 500g

Product data sheet