Expresses a balanced aromatic profile, slightly floral and spicy. Folk Ale is suitable for all types of strong beers like Trappist, Abbey, IPA.
Cinétique fermentaire très rapide et résistance aux degrés alcooliques élevés.

  • Floculation : High
  • Sedimentation limit: High
  • Attenuation limit: 73-75 %
  • Alcohol tolerance (%vol): 11
  • Fermentation kinetics: very fast (3 days*)
  • Diacetyl production: low

*Test conditions: must 12°P, inoculated at 80g/hL and fermented at 20°C.

Dosage :

Fermentation : 50 to 100g/hL
Refermentation in bottle or in kegs: 3 to 5g/hL

Preparation and storage : 

Please refer to technical data sheet or packaging.

Available in package of 100g and 500g

Product data sheet