Hip-Hop Lager ferments over a wide temperature range. Produces full body beers between 10 and 17°C and crisp, highly fermented beers between 20 and 24°C. Very good fermentation kinetics, low ester production. Flocculation and very fast sedimentation at the end of fermentation. Its neutral profile is suitable for international Pilsner and Lager.

  • Floculation : very high
  • Sedimentation limit: very high
  • Attenuation limit at 10-16 °C: 72-75 %
  • Attenuation limit at 20-24 °C: 80-85 %
  • Alcohol tolerance (%vol): 8,5
  • Fermentation kinetics: very fast (3 days*)
  • Diacetyl production: very low

*Test conditions: must 12°P, inoculated at 80g/hL and fermented at 20°C.

Dosage :
Fermentation: 50 to 100g/hL
Refermentation in bottle or in kegs: 3 to 5g/hL

Preparation and storage : 
Please refer to technical data sheet or packaging.

Available in package of 100g and 500g

Tags: Lager