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Brewline®has developed 3 enzyme preparations to optimise the production process and the quality of your beer.

These enzymes are in liquid form for ease of use. They are concentrated to improve their effectiveness and to reduce the costs of use. Each preparation is specific for one step of the process and their respective objectives. They are processing aids which do not require specific labelling on the final beer, since they are removed during the production process.

For every need, an enzyme preparation:



Liquefies starch into fermentable sugars and soluble dextrins, decreases the must’s viscosity and increases the yield of the brew.
Use during mashing, taking care to mix it thoroughly.

Dose: 30-50 mL/100 kg* of cereal
Optimal temperature: 70-90°C
Optimal pH: 4,5 - 7,5

Technical data sheet



Hydrolyses the clogging beta-glucans found in the must, optimises and reduces filtration time with no loss in malt quality, facilitates WHIRLPOOL clarification.
Add to the mash water, taking care to mix it thoroughly.

Dose : 15-25 mL/100 Kg* of cereal
Optimal Temperature: 60-70°C
Optimal pH: 4,0 - 6,0

Technical data sheet

* Depending on the composition of cereal.


Preparation and storage

Please refer to instructions on the technical data sheet or on the packaging.

Available in 1 Kg bottles.

Technical data sheet


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